Welcome to St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School

Our Year 5 children and their parents enjoyed tasting some of the delicious soup that the children made for ‘The Big Soup’. The soup was made from the wonderful vegetables we grow in our school garden.


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  • Linda Scott says:

    Congratulations to year 5 children and their parents for supporting this cooking and tasting event. Your positive comments indicated you enjoyed eating the soup made by the children from vegetables they had grown in the school allotment.
    This event went towards us being awarded our Level 3 gardening certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society. Congratulations to all. We hope to offer this event again in Autumn as we are now working toward our Level 4 certificate, happy gardening in 2018.

  • Lynn.wood says:

    It was a pleasure to come in to school my grandson is in class 5, to taste the lovely soups they prepared and were involved with the growing produce to make the soups,well done everyone

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