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Our families have learnt some very important lifesaving skills from Daniel who is a tutor with Family Learning in Bradford. They completed a 10-hour course gaining some important First Aid skills. Some of the things they have learnt are how to deliver CPR to an adult, child and baby, recognising the signs and symptoms of a fracture and how to put a sling on a casualty. They have gained the confidence to know how to call an ambulance and provide the correct information and then how to place a casualty into the recovery position. All our parents and carers enjoyed learning new skills with their children.

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  • Jodie Hartley-Conway says:

    Me and my son both had a brilliant time. We learned alot from the course and have been practising at home. Would definitely recommend. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Maya, Lily & Magdalena says:

    We highly recommended the Family First Aid Course and the tutor – we learned a lot of useful things about First Aid, we spent wonderful time practicing our knowledge. Definetely it’s worth it to attending of this course, because you never know, if the knowledge which you achive on this course one day will be essential to help you or somebody else to save life. My children very enjoyed being on this course. Big thank you for Mrs Monica Taylor for giving us this opportunity.

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